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Hi everyone. Well, when you last heard from me, I was heading off to a “puerta cerrada”, one of BA’s “closed door restaurants”. Oh, and also it was by email. A number of people have been encouraging (nagging?) me to move to a blog format so … here it is! I’m new to this, so bear with me.

There’s a number of advantages to moving to a blog, not the least of which is not having to cut and paste everyone’s email address each time, and also, you won’t be hit with lengthy emails from me that clog up your inbox. You can follow me, or not, I don’t mind either way, and you can catch up at your leisure.

I, in turn, will try to keep my blogs to bite size pieces and not cover too much at once. That way, you can choose the topics that interest you and leave the rest.

Of course, I still love to hear your news, so please still feel free to send me emails to my personal email address. Everybody that says “there’s not much news” usually goes on to tell me about an abundance of interesting things that are going on in their lives that I love to hear about.

Coming up with a name was difficult. People have been blogging for years, decades, centuries! OK, so maybe not centuries, but either way, for a long time, which means that any creative lightning bolts that came my way were invariably snapped up ages ago. Sometimes, frustratingly, the name has been used once, years ago, and not dusted off again since but, nonetheless, is unavailable to latecomers like me.

Then, I stopped to think about exactly what it is I’m doing. As you all know, whether I’m away or at home, a lot of my posts will be about food – finding it, cooking it, buying it, sometimes just admiring it but, above all, eating it! But it’s not all about the food (no, really, it isn’t … there’s also the wine), it’s about discovery and enjoying new experiences.

And so, my blog is born, the blog of a girl, exploring.

Welcome to my new blog.

6 thoughts on “girl, exploring

  1. Hello – love the blog idea. Your entries are so well written I feel like I was at the Polo with you and Cheryl – well not quite! Perfect for a lunchtime escape at work. xx

  2. Kylie!! increible que estes narrando todas tus aventuras..tendras que practicar tu espanol y pues de ves en cuando has un blog en ESPANOL!!! siento que estoy leyendo en una revista.. me encanta.. sigue escribiendo!!!! saludos desde Alemania!! Cata!

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