Fuudis “Green” dinner

There is no shortage of things to do in this town and the last few weeks have flown by.  Aside from all the regular, fixed venues like the range of restaurants and bars, there always seems to be something special scheduled.  My endeavours to check out certain places are often postponed to take up an opportunity that presents itself less frequently.

One of the events that popped up was a themed dinner run by a group called Fuudis, established by an Australian girl, Anne, and her Argentinian business partner, Marina.  Fuudis regularly run Foodie Restaurant tours, progressive dinners that focus on one neighbourhood at a time and take their guests to a different restaurant for each course, with a matching drink at each stage.  There is a big emphasis on mixing and meeting new people and the events attract both locals and visitors alike.

wpid-VerdeFUUDIS_esp.jpegThe themed dinner was a little different to the regular tours and was held in one of the popular Puerta Cerradas, iLatina. The theme – “green” – representing the fast-approaching Christmas season.  Guests were asked to wear something featuring some green, or a little red, and the meal was designed so that each course featured something green.

We met on a designated corner and, once our crowd had gathered, we were led to the nearby restaurant.  The place was huge and, unlike the other Puerta Cerrada I’ve experienced, was set up much more like a permanent restaurant and looked less like someone lived in that part of the house when the restaurant wasn’t operating.

20121215-161541.jpgAfter taking our seats at one of four communal tables, we were served a delicious welcome cocktail, a Cynar Julep with a pink grapefruit hit. We were then presented with a beautiful bread basket featuring three different green-themed breads, a banana and coriander bread, a spinach loaf, and a zucchini focaccia.  Bread is BA is notoriously not good.  Well, bad actually, so it was nice to eat some fresh home-baked bread, albeit a little on the sweet side, but soft, fresh and delicious, three things that BA bread generally is not!


20121215-161639.jpgYou can see more photos here, so I won’t run through each course but the highlights for me were the delicious prawn skewers – juicy and tender with a pistachio and mint crumb, and the lime and lemon verbena pie for dessert.  The chef was kind enough to switch out the fish course for me …. for veal sweetbreads!  Be careful what you wish for!  But they are a popular dish here and were actually quite tasty.

20121215-161647.jpgWe were served some lovely wines along the way, my favourite being the La Guarda malbec served with the main meat course.  In form true to their networking spirit, half of us were asked to move tables before the dessert course in order to meet a new group of people.  The crowd was about half locals and half foreigners and it was great to mingle with both and practice my Spanish.  There were a couple of raffles after dessert and I seemed to be on a lucky table with 4 of the 7 of us winning something, and me taking home a lovely bottle of Chardonnay.


It was a great night – a lot of fun, a lot of nice people, and a lot of great food and wine.

It was supposed to be the last Fuudis event for the year, but I was very happy to hear the other day that they have scheduled a Lunch Restaurant tour in San Telmo on Friday 21st December.  Needless to say, my place is booked!


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