20140207-185125.jpgBerries, berries and more berries!

Summer is a great time for berries and, here, they’re SO cheap!

The market is full of them, and they are so vibrant and colourful.  I can buy raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and cherries by the kilo!  Can you imagine doing that in Australia, where a 125g of blueberries is cheap if it ever gets down to $4?

20140207-185114.jpg 20140207-185706.jpg

I can put a handful of blueberries on my muesli in the morning, and know that I will still be able to pay my rent.  When there’s too many to eat fresh, I stock the freezer for use in cooking, smoothies, or blended with greek yoghurt for an easy low-fat ice cream-style treat.  Blueberry pancakes with raspberry sauce?  Done!

Summer’s here, it’s berry season, and it’s one of the things I love about living in Chile.

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