cordero al palo

20140203-232139.jpgSorry vegetarians, but “cordero al palo” (“lamb on a post”), a specialty from the Patagonia region in the south of Chile, is just plain yummy.

Luckily, we don’t have to travel the 2,000¬†kilometres to the south just to eat it (though the trip would certainly be worthwhile to see the amazing scenery).¬† Technically, a whole lamb impaled on its “post”, it’s a popular addition to various festivals held locally, like the patriotic 18th September week “fondas”, “vendimias” (wine festivals), and other food festivals.

I’ve also been lucky enough to enjoy a home-style version using half a lamb, cooked over a drum, similar to what we’d call “lamb on the spit” in Australia.

Slow-cooked for hours (approx. 5 for a full lamb) over hot coals, it is simply juicy, sweet, and finger-lickingly delicious.

20140203-232218.jpg 20140203-232201.jpg

Thankfully, there are also a couple of good restaurants around Santiago if the cravings get too much, like El Meson de la Patagonia in Lo Barnechea for one.

What’s not to love?