pisco sour

20140201-170944.jpgChile and Peru may fight over the origins of this famous, grape brandy-based drink, but I’m just happy someone invented it!

Unfortunately, there are plenty of bad Pisco Sours around, and Chileans often add FAR too much sugar, but when they’re done right, they’re GREAT, and it’s easy to put one or two away on a hot night before dinner.

There’s also a number of great variations that have popped up around the place, incorporating different fruits (mango, passionfruit, etc) and herbs and spices (ginger, basil, chilli, etc). One of my favourite variations is the “piña y palta” (pineapple and avocado)
at Peumayen en Bella Vista, which might not sound that great but is just the right combination of creaminess, sweetness and Pisco punch.

20140202-181810.jpgSome of the places where I know I can find a good traditional Pisco Sour are Mulato in Lastarria, Mestizo in Vitacura, The Clinic downtown, Boulevard Lavaud in Barrio Yungay, and Pasta e Vino in Valpo. Or, of course, you can whip up a pretty good one at home.

Another thing I love about living in Chile!

I’d love to hear if and where you’re drinking your Sours.

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